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Dr. Angela Willis encourages you to get a regular physical examination so that she can help you prevent health problems before they start. Contact Angela Willis MD Family Practice in Hermitage, Tennessee so we can get you started on the road to wellness with a thorough exam that includes lab work, a pelvic or prostate exam, and appropriate health screenings.

Physical Exam Q&A

Why is getting an annual physical exam important?

Annual physical examinations are important because they focus on preventing disease rather than treating an existing illness. The annual exam is an opportunity to assess your risks for developing a disease, find signs of chronic disease at an early stage, and then make the changes necessary to stop the problem in its tracks.

Once chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease develop, they usually can’t be cured. At that point, you can only manage the disease to prevent it from getting worse and leading to serious health consequences.

Scheduling an annual physical exam offers another benefit you may not have considered. This is your opportunity to actually talk with the doctor about something other than sickness. Dr. Willis is always available when you have questions about health concerns, but you don’t often get the chance to ask questions about diet, exercise, relationship issues, aesthetic procedures, or any other wellness-related topic on your mind.

What can you expect from a complete physical examination?

Physical examinations are intended to give the doctor a complete picture of how your body is working. To accomplish that goal, the exam includes a thorough medical history that covers your family history, previous illnesses and medical tests, and other relevant health information.

Dr. Willis needs to know about all the medications and supplements you take, including over-the-counter medications like antacids, cough medicine, and aspirin. Managing all your medications to be sure you’re not at risk for side effects is important, so either write down everything you use or toss it all into a bag and bring it with you to the appointment.

This list represents some of the services you can expect to receive as part of your annual examination:

  • Vital signs: Temperature, pulse rate, breathing rate, blood pressure
  • Physical exam: heart, lungs, skin, organs, head, neck, abdomen, arms and legs
  • Lab tests, such as complete blood count, blood cholesterol, blood sugar, urinalysis
  • Vaccinations

What specialized services are provided by Dr. Willis?

As a specialist in family medicine, Dr. Willis offers all the health services needed for people of all ages. She provides the appropriate exams and screenings for everything from sports physicals to sexual health to age-related concerns including:

  • Female physical exam: Breast exam, pelvic exam, pap smear, mammogram
  • Male physical exam: Testicular exam, prostate cancer screening
  • Osteoporosis screening
  • EKG may be necessary to check for heart health
  • Respiratory health
  • Tests for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Health screenings: Diabetes, colon cancer and other cancer risks


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